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Education For Success

Machine Instruction

For customers who prefer to receive training from an instructor, Melco University offers several exciting options. Most new customers attend classroom training at one of our facilities; however training at your shop is also available.

Classroom Instruction

Melco's classroom instructors have over 40 years combined experience in the machine embroidery and digitizing industry. And they enthusiastically share that experience with you while teaching you how to use your AMAYA equipment and DesignShop software.

Melco currently offers classroom training at facilities in our headquarters in Denver, CO. Classes are small to ensure that everyone gets personal instruction.

Denver Training Facility 
Melco Educational Services Headquarters

1575 W. 124th Ave.
Denver, CO 80234
Phone: (303) 457-1234
Fax: (303) 474-1167
email: training@melco.com
Map to Denver Facility
Hotel information for Denver Facility

The AMAYA and DesignShop software is designed for use with the Microsoft Windows Operating System. You must be familiar with the basic use of Windows before attending our classes. Make sure that you understand the use of a mouse, right and left clicking as well as how to save and open files. Understanding Windows Explorer, creating folders, and navigating internal and external drives is also necessary.

Two individuals from each company may share a workstation in our classrooms.

Online Videos

Need help setting up your machine and sewing your first design? We've got you covered!

Go to www.melco-service.com/source1/ for step by step instructions, photos, videos, and helpful tips.

Trainers to Come to You

Many customers prefer to have training at their location. If you can't take time away from the shop, or you prefer one-on-one training with a qualified instructor, Melco's on-site training might be your best option.

On-Site Training is provided at a significant discount to selected puchases of new Melco equipment. Please contact Melco for more information.

Because our classroom and webinar based training covers only the latest Melco products, on-site training is also your best option if you need training on our earlier products.

Melco has agreements with several excellent contract trainers who can provide training at your site. The machine training material that is covered in our classroom is also covered in on-site training. You and your on-site trainer can occasionally customize your training to suit your specific needs.

Contact one of our On-site trainers for more information

Prerecorded Webinars

Software Instruction

Live Webinars

Webinars are short for web-based seminars where you can view the presentation through your web browser and listen to the audio through your telephone - from your home or office!  A key feature of a webinar is its interactive elements -- the ability to give, receive and discuss information.  All you need is a phone and a PC with access to the web - no special software is required to participate.  It is not required, but if you have access to a 2nd monitor - it is nice to watch the presentation on one screen while working on your software application on the other screen.

To successfully participate in a Live Melco Webinar:

  • Register for the Webinar at least 48 hours in advance.
  • After you have registered for your webinar, you will receive an email invitation from Melco (usually the day before the event). If this does not occur, check your confirmation e-mail for a link and phone number for the class.
  • The e-mail will contain a link and a phone number for the class. Sign in with your name and call the phone number to hear and speak with the trainer.
  • You will now be in the webinar room and we will do the rest.
  • If you would prefer to use the speakers and microphone of your computer during the session, you can click on "Interactive Meeting" to download the software and utilize the mic and speakers.

Webinar Hints - some upfront planning and preparation can make your webinar experience so much better.

  • Register early - there are limitations on how many particapants can join a webinar
  • Give yourself some lead time
    • Connect to the session a few minutes before it starts
  • Use a high speed internet connection - dial up is painfully slow!
  • Actively participate in the session. You may need to mute your phone to cut down on background noise, but please unmute and ask questions that you have or use the chat function to ask questions.
  • In the event that Melco has Internet technical difficulties  - more sessions will be scheduled. Videos are also available.

Online Videos

If you're looking for a bit more flexibility in your educational options, Melco University has a video solution for you. We now offer prerecorded webinars that can be viewed at any time.

Keep an eye on this growing library of videos located under the Media Tab. Each video can be viewed independently from the rest and may be viewed again and again. With player controls located at the bottom of the viewer, you can skip back to review specific sections or play the whole video again.