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My sales person told me I get free training for six months when I bought equipment or software. Does that include having a trainer come to my place of business?
It depends upon what you bought. Typically, the purchase of an AMAYA entitles you to free training at one of our facilities. With the purchase of Melco Software, you are usually entitled to online training within the first six months from purchase. The online training is accomplished through many of the webinars offered on the Melco University website. Check for an e-mail from Melco University for scheduling instructions.

What does it cost to have training at my site?
Much of our on-site training is done by Melco Certified contract instructors, who charge varied rates. It is best to contact one of our instructors, who can give you a quote based on the equipment you own and the amount of training you'll need. Contact the Denver trainers or your sales representative for more information.

Does the on-site training fee include travel expenses?
No, the complete charge for on-site training is the day rate plus the price of your trainer's car or air fare, hotel and meals.

I don't live near any of the contract trainers listed on this site. Is there anyone else who can come train me?
Call the Denver Training facility to discuss other options for on-site training, if one of our regular instructors is available, they may be able to come to your location.

How long will my on-site training take?
Your training can typically take one to three days, depending upon your equipment and your experience with the software. When you speak with your trainer, it helps to tell them your model number, software level, and experience level, so they can suggest how much training you'll need.

What qualifications do the on-site trainers have?
All of Melco's contract trainers have years of experience in the business of embroidery and digitizing. Several of our trainers are former Melco employees of the Melco training department.

How do I schedule on-site training?
Contact one of our third party trainers or the Melco Denver training facility.

How many times can I take on-site training?
You can contract with your trainer to visit your site as often as you like. You could set up "just in time" training. Whereby, you may have your trainer come in periodically, as you master some concepts, to help you advance to the next level.

Will I learn the same material from an on-site trainers as I would in a class?
The beauty of on-site training is that you and the trainer can customize your learning. You can choose to cover everything that you'd get in the classroom. Or you can place more emphasis on specific areas in which you're interested. Talk to your trainer about this when you contact him/her.

How many people from my shop can be at the on-site training?
That's up to you. However, it is helpful to identify at least 2 employees as your main operators (primary and secondary) before training.

Is there advanced on-site training?
Certainly. Because our contract trainers are also employed in the embroidery business, they are able to share their knowledge of advanced techniques, or even business practices, with you. You can tailor your training to meet your needs.

Do I need to have my new equipment or software up and running before the trainer arrives?
Yes, if you and your employees feel comfortable doing so. However, the instructor can also assist in getting your equipment/software operational.

Who qualifies for on-site training?
Anyone who would like to have it.

What are the benefits of on-site training?
You receive one-on-one training, at your location, at your own pace. You don't need to worry about others in a classroom going too slowly or too fast for you. Because it's one-on-one, you can generally cover the material in a shorter time than in the classroom.