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How can I get information about motels and restaurants near the training facility?
Your instructor will send you a confirmation letter containing maps, lodging information, and the specifics about your facility and class, as soon as you are formally registered in one of our classes. If you registered on-line you can click here for a list of training Classroom Training Facilities.

What time does my training class start?
Information about starting time, as well as maps and lodging information, will be sent with your confirmation letter, once you are registered for a class at one of our facilities. Each facility does things a little differently.

Can I bring my employees/partner to training classes?
Our free classroom training covers two individuals from your company. Each company we train is placed at a work-station that holds two people. Melco can arrange for additional work-stations for your company at extra cost. Contact Melco Training regarding extra student spaces.

Can I get directions to the facility where my classes will be held?
Yes, some directions will be sent with your confirmation letter. You can also find links for maps to the training facilities provided by Mapquest.com, where you can also generate printable directions from your door to ours by entering the street addresses.

I'll need to leave training early to catch my flight back home. Is that OK?
We ask that you try to schedule flights late enough that you won't need to miss any of your training because you might miss something important. However, we recognize that in some cases an early departure may be necessary. Let the trainer know if this is the case, so you can find out what you'll be missing.

Do I need to rent a car during my time in training?
Our training facilities tend to be in suburban areas near large cities. None are easily accessible without a car. While many motels provide a shuttle service from the airport to the motel, very few will shuttle you to and from the training facilities. It has been our experience that those who will are not especially reliable.

What does classroom training cost?
Classroom training is free for six months after an AMAYA purchase. If your AMAYA purchase took place more than six months ago, or if you purchased from a third-party, training at one of our facilities can be purchased through the Melco University website. The price of the classes are listed under each course. Other costs apply to older Melco equipment and software. The Training Options page contains a grid with the pricing break down for various training types.

Are meals, lodging, and air fare included in the free training I get with an AMAYA or software purchase?
No. You receive the training itself at no cost, but you are responsible for any travel expenses you incur.

Can I make a video or audio tape of my training?
It is our policy not to allow recording devises in the classroom, except in extreme circumstances. Speak to your instructor about this when you register if you feel you need to record the class. For both AMAYA OS and DesignShop, there are videos located in the help system. Webinars are also available for many of Melco's software products, and once taken, they can be rescheduled and taken again within six months from the time of purchase.

Is it possible for me to stay in the training room after class ends to work on projects?
Generally we ask that you do not remain in the classroom after the day's lessons have ended. We would have insurance liability issues if you were to be injured while practicing after-hours.

Can I take training more than once?
Absolutely. You may repeat our classes as often as you like at no charge during the first six months after a purchase. And, you can repeat classes for a fee any time after the first six months. Many beginning embroiderers find it useful to come in once to learn the basics of operating their machine, and then returning after they're comfortable with the basics to fine tune their technique.