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There are two levels of certification programs available for qualified trainers and technicians (see below).  If you would like to be certified and recognized as a Contract Trainer or Technician for Melco, please review the requirements in each course.   If you would like to apply to become a Certified Melco Trainer or Technician, please send an email with an introductory letter of interest and your resume to jobs@melco.com.  All contract work is contingent upon the accuracy of the statements of your abilities and qualifications in your resume and during your interview. You will also be required to pass a background check.

Trainer Certification  

A Melco Certified Trainer is an individual who has been certified as being competent to train Melco customers according to Melco's strict requirements.  To ensure a superior learning experience, only individuals that Melco authorizes to deliver training will be certified.  Most of the training is done on-site at the customer location.

Melco Certified Trainers meet on-going certification requirements.  These requirements include:
-Train at least two companies per year
-Update training on current levels of software and hardware (usually requires travel to Denver Training Facility)
-Yearly testing on current levels of software and hardware
-Updated timed distributor dongles for access to software
-User manuals and training CDs. 
-You will also need to own the most current equipment and software that Melco offers.  

Trainer Re-Certification 
Certified Trainers that have not met the yearly certification requirements will be required to take this one-day refresher class.  Please contact Melco Education Services at training@melco.com for more infomation and scheduling.

Certification is based on the quality and extent of experience as a trainer, the degree of involvement in the industry and the successful completion of the certification requirements.  Melco trainers can be certified to a Level I and a Level II

Technician Certification

Melco is proud to be able to provide highly professional and effective on-site technical support through certified Melco Technicians stationed throughout the US as well as all across the world.

Many of our Certified Contract Technicians are AMAYA owners who have decided to expand into servicing the machines. Technicians receive comprehensive training in the use, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of AMAYA machines.

Melco's embroidery equipment is manufactured to meet and exceed our company's high technical and quality standards. We are equally committed to a standard of excellence when it comes to servicing our machines to ensure our customers experience only minimal down time. 

Courses for Service Technicians

These programs include classes in the use of our equipment and digitizing software. Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions about Melco's Technicians' Training.

Benefits for Contract Technicians
In addition to the thorough training you will receive from Melco, once you become a Melco Service Technician, you'll have access to valuable resources to keep you up to date on technical issues and equipment and software upgrades.

AMAYA Technical Service List
Once you are certified you can request that your name be added to the AMAYA tech service email list, where technicians worldwide discuss issues that arise as they service Melco equipment. This list gives you access to the collective experience and knowledge of technicians all over the globe.

Become a Melco Contract Technician

United States
Classes are held at the Denver training facility throughout the year. If your are intested in a position as a certified Melco technician, please send an email with an introductory letter of interest and your resume to jobs@melco.com.  All contract work is contingent upon the accuracy of the statements in your resume and during your interview as to your abilities and qualifications. You will also be requires to pass a background check.

Outside The USA
We offer technical training to Melco distributors located around the world. If you are not already a Melco product distributor, but would like more information about becoming one, please contact Mike Angel at Melco corporate headquarters.

If you are interested, contact your local Melco Distributor with questions regarding your technical training.

More Information for Melco's Techs
Click here for a List of Tools that we recommend you include in your tool kit, so you can effectively service Melco equipment.
Please download the System Requirements (pdf) for the system requirements for the laptop you use when making Melco service calls.